Why being Alone isn’t bad?


The Humans are often associated as the being for which social interaction is very important. We all have gone through an experience where we tend to think that more people that we have around us the more the chances are of us being better human beings. It is often associated that those who tend to be among themselves are lonely and that leads to depression. The regular experience that we most of us go through is that those who have more gatherings and surroundings are more popular. This makes us tend to believe that whatever if we don’t interact with other humans something is seriously wrong with us. Here are the few reasons why it’s okay not to have friends contrary to the popular believe.

  1. Less Drama:

We often are lead to believe that those having lot of friends have very happy life. The people with more people around have more fun and they have a lot of people with whom they can do different activities with. However keeping up with so many people means that you also need to keep up with the events that took place in their lives. This can be hard to maintain as times you are caught up with the things that are too much exhausting for you and sometimes they are not even related to you  yet you many have to take the burden along of the whole group and more people. So less People Call for Less Drama.

  1. Less Connections More Meanings:

It is also a common believe that the more people you know the more you learn about life. It is often associated with this idea that interacting with more people establishes more contacts for you which will help you get out of situations. The experience with more people might add on more to your understanding of the world. In comparison to this believe here is what is true the less people you interact with the more chances are you interact with them because of the common interests that you have with them. This means that the conversations that you are having with them are more meaningful and the few human interaction will be more valued.

  1. Explore Yourself Alone:

It is often taught to us that it is fundamentally important for humans to have people around them. If this won’t be the case then they won’t be able to understand the true meaning of life. However to find the true meaning of life one must first understand what is the purpose that they are here to serve. This is often not possible if you are surrounded by the people around you all the time. The greatest of philosopher like Buddha used solitude in order to understand the true meaning of life. Being alone helps you understand the interest in life that what is it that you like to have in life what this world has to offer in order for you to stay happy. All these things get disillusioned if you talk to other people with their own ideas of happiness.

  1. Staying away from Compromises:

Human relationships are centred on lots of compromises. These compromises are required in all human relationships and are not just limited to just marriage and dating relationship but also friends and families. Humans are selfish by nature and we try to get the best out of every situation. At times despite getting the best out of everything it is difficult for Humans to accept what they have and these compromises can be exhausting for us. Thus having less people around you means lesser human interaction and lesser compromises on what you wish to have. In conclusion it is best if there is less friends as it comes with the cost of having better state of peace in mind.


Naomi Cruz