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Like any mechanically or manually operated item, garage doors also require regular inspection and servicing to operate to maximum effect. They are an important safety feature, ensuring the safety of your car and other belongings you may store in the garage space. Properly maintained garage doors also ensure that any stranger or animals are prevented from entering the house, and internal heat does evaporate.

Common Garage Door Problems

  • Loud noises like whirring, rattling and grinding when you operate the opening and closing of the garage doors.
  • Over the passage of time, the springs holding up the garage door get worn out. It will affect the balance of the doors, and they begin to rattle during the open and shut process. One way to test for this problem is to check the door by opening it manually, then half closing it. If the door remains stable when you let go of it, all is well. If it begins to fall, for sure, there is a problem with the springs.
  • When the garage doors are not working efficiently, you will end up paying high utility bills. You need to check the garage doors for cracks and gaps which will allow the inside heat to leak out. One way to check this is to inspect the weather stripping located on the garage door bottom. If the insulation with which the door is equipped is not working efficiently, this will also lead to increased electricity costs.
  • A very noticeable problem is when your garage doors develop holes and cracks on the surface. Such gaps result in improper sealing and ultimately compromise the proper functioning of the doors. It is often caused by below-the-surface rot and is a problem that should be attended to immediately as it can lead to total failure of the garage door operation.

Importance of Remedial Action

  • When you have to indulge in constant service costs to properly maintain your garage doors, it can prove to be an expensive affair.  Replacement parts and labor do not come cheap. Maybe it is time to think of replacing the same.
  • If your garage doors are of an older design, because of their size and location they could give your home an unappealing appearance. So if in addition to their outdated appearance, they start malfunctioning, it is definitely time to think of replacing them with the more modern doors currently available in the market. Modern doors now offer better insulation. They have weather strips, bottom seals and sealing joints which keep the wind out. Many garage doors come with built-in safety features which avoid the fingers getting caught when opening and closing the doors.

So you need to think in terms of doing away with creaking, malfunctioning old garage doors resulting in constant repair and maintenance expenses, and going in for a modern and state-of-the-art version.  Such modern garage doors will add to the beauty quotient of your home. New styles available come with an anodized aluminum frame and include designs in printed glass, antique, and arch-shapes.


Naomi Cruz