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Picking the Right Cycling Clothing for Your Holiday


Cycling Clothing for a Holiday

Nothing puts a damper on a biking holiday like forgetting your puncture repair kit or cycling clothing. While you may well have the ability to endure a little less comfort and maybe even escape your vacation without puncturing a tyre, hauling your bicycle seems to be an awful lot of effort to make if there’s a high chance that things could go wrong. Nobody wants to spend their vacation rubbing lotion onto chafed thighs, so remembering clothing and essentials is important. Once you’ve readied your cycling clothing, stocked up on puncture repair kits and attached your bikes to the car, you will have the ability to head off safe in the knowledge that nothing will spoil your cycling trip.

What Else Do I Need?

Sun cream is important whether you’re going to be outside a whole lot on your holiday. If the sun decides to be kind to you, you’ll see that cycling for long periods exposes the back of the neck to plenty of rays. Slapping tons of sun lotion on before you leave helps to prevent any painful burning that can lead to restless nights, so is well worth remembering. Some cycling clothing is available that covers the neck, or you could just put a baseball cap on backwards to be safe. Punctures can be frustrating at the best of times but to get one while on vacation is even worse. Make sure that you have a puncture repair kit packed and ready for action. You don’t need to be wheeling your bike around all week!

What Cycling Clothing Will I Need?

The cycling clothing you will need depends heavily on where you’re going. Cycling shorts are a must for any long distance riding to protect against chafing. If you’re going somewhere cold, or are planning on cycling with an altitude, then it’s useful to get some thermal clothing to keep you warm while you are out. In warmer climates, some biking jerseys enable you to sew them, letting in the cool air. Away from clothes, if you’re going to do a lot of riding in sunlight, it’s better to prevent a plastic saddle. These quickly become unbearable if they are left in direct sunlight. By considering the climate and conditions which you are likely to be biking in, you can usually make common sense choices over what biking clothes to bring, which will enable you to get the most from your holiday.


Naomi Cruz