• Satin Strapless Short Sheath Cocktail Dress with Handmade Flowers

    USD 264.00

By: Sandra

I bought the dress for my wedding and was sooooo pleased with it. It arrived early, and it looked just like in the picture - great detail and quality - bargain price. It fitted perfectly. Really good customer service.

By: Nicole

This site is quick and efficiante and the quality of my dress is amazing!! I have nothing but good things to say. Although the picture of my wedding dress is Beautiful it is so much more than the picture percieved it to be.
I recommend this site to anyone wanting to find amazing deals and discounts on a variety of amazing gown..

By: Livia

This dress is so amazing. I love it. it arrived yesterday and i could not believe how quickly it got here and how wonderfully it fit. The dress is so much more amazing than the pictures show. Thank you for your wonderful service .

By: Shellie

My dress just arrived yesterday, I tried it on last night. It is so beautiful, more beautiful than the picture. I just love it and the fit is so wonderful, its like your seamstress was here fitting it right to me. Thank you for an amazing dress and for your wonderful service.

By: Lorraine

It is a speechless dress!! Very Voluminous and detailed. I'll definitely be singing your praise because its no scam at all.the taffeta is so soft and the detail work is just breathtaking!

By: Samantha

The dress was elegant and luxurious. We loved it very much. If you are looking for a cost effective but impressive modern wedding dress, i would highly recommend this dress.

By: Joanna

My surprise here it was and it was everything I could of imagined and more. Fine quality materials, I really satisfied with it. Personally i think this style of dress suits any size and shape.

By: Rebecca

I just received my dress....It is exactly as in the picture....I love it...I still have to wear it properly though, because I need the help of a second person. Thank you, because I received it sooner than I expected!! :)

By: Jocelyn

Order received in stated time. Item was as described. Beautiful wedding gown at an excellent price. Thank you.

By: Kereshma

The dress is just lovely. It fits great and looks great. Just waiting for my big day. Can't wait!!

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